When Snow Owls Attack!

Shot with a Canon 5D MIII with Canon 100-400 mm f/4-5.6 IS L

I went to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge a couple of weeks ago looking for snowy owls and was lucky enough to find them.  I didn’t think I was was going to see one on this trip as it was starting to get dark and I hadn’t seen one yet.  I busied myself shooting herons and otters, all of sudden a snow owl appeared on top of an observation tower.  Photographers some how also started to appear and we were get fairly ordinary shots of this owl.  Suddenly out of nowhere a second owl comes flying in for an attack.  All of the photographers blasted away with there motor drives on high, but I doubt many of us got many shots because it all happened so suddenly.  I like the first couple of shot I got and the rest were poor quality but I included them in this gallery because they continue to tell the story.  After the initial attack in photos 3 and 4 they flew behind the tree and fought in mid air.  I looked like something out of a National Geographic video.  You can see in my poor image of it (#5) they get tangled together and flip in mid air.  Even though I missed the shot it was a great rush and a lot of fun.  Too bad I didn’t know other photographers (about 10 of them), I would have like to see what they got.


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