Digital SLR versus Mirrorless Cameras: Pros & Cons

Digital SLR versus Mirrorless Cameras:  Pros & Cons

by Gary Detonnancourt

In the world of photography, a serious debate is going on: which is better, a digital single reflex camera, or the mirrorless camera. It may seem to you that lots of professionals in photography are leaning toward the digital single reflex camera option. However, the mirrorless camera is pretty readily gaining a huge following, including from professionals. Here, we will look at both of these cameras. We will explore both the pros and cons of owning a mirrorless camera, as well.

Digital SLR Cameras

The digital single reflex camera, or digital SLR, has long been the go-to for many when it comes to photography. There are certainly some up-sides to owning a digital single reflex camera. They offer longer battery life. They are also better at previewing images. You may even argue that digital SLR cameras look more professional. But in many categories where you would expect for a digital SLR camera to be the outright winner, most find that a mirrorless camera may be just as good, if not better. Photography quality, durability, stabilization, and autofocus speed are actually about the same for both types.

Pros of a Mirrorless Camera

So what are some of the pros of opting for a mirrorless camera over a digital single reflex camera? Here are just a few:

  • Mirrorless cameras are much lighter and of a smaller size that digital SLR cameras. This means that they can travel more easily and to more places;
  • Video quality is often higher on mirrorless cameras. This is great if you want to shoot both still images, as well as video;
  • If you need lots of shutter speed, a mirrorless camera is always the way to go;
  • Mirrorless cameras can (sometimes) be more affordable than other types.

Cons of a Mirrorless Camera

Are there any cons to owning a mirrorless camera when it comes to photography? Sure! Here are a few drawbacks:

  • Viewfinder quality in digital SLR cameras are more accurate;
  • Far more accessories, special lenses, and extras are available on DSLR cameras than on mirrorless types;
  • Some find that getting that perfect image out of a mirrorless camera may take more “tweaking,” with settings than with a DSLR;
  • Expect to have to carry far more batteries with this sort of camera than with a DSLR;
  • Some find that although mirrorless is a great option, they still love DSLR cameras.

Best Mirrorless Camera’s of 2015


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